iBIONICS Selected to Exhibit at Invictus Games Accessibility Innovation Showcase in Toronto

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iBIONICS' Cofounder and CEO, Suzanne Grant, also a Canadian Veteran, Highlights the Importance of the Invictus Games


iBIONICS is demonstrated how its Diamond Eye™ will restore vision at the Accessibility Innovation Showcase at the Invictus Games. The Accessibility Innovation Showcase highlighted advanced technology that can improve accessibility for people with injuries and health challenges.


"The Invictus Games have extra meaning to me, because I'm a veteran," says iBIONICS Cofounder and CEO Suzanne Grant who served as a Communications and Electronics Engineering Officer for 13 years from 1982 to 1995. "I've had friends and family injured while on mission, so I feel strongly about the positive impact of the Invictus Games."


At the Invictus Games Accessibility Innovation Showcase, Suzanne Grant presented iBIONICS' Diamond Eye and demonstrated how this game-changing technology will help blind people see again. The iBIONICS technology uses implants to replicate natural functions inside of the body. iBIONICS' solution will operate with technologies like augmented reality, artificial intelligence, advanced neurostimulation algorithms, facial recognition software, and uses virtual reality for rehabilitation.

iBIONICS CEO Suzanne Grant also spoke to the public, sharing how technology can better assist people with chronic and other health challenges. 


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The showcase and talk resulted in multiple media engagements, and the opportunity for a couple of face-to-face discussions with the Hon Reza Moridi, Ontario's Minister of Research, Innovation and Science. iBIONICS is looking for financing for the early stage life sciences company, and is currently between technology readiness levels 4 and 5. Although in active discussions with interested strategic / corporate companies to finance The Diamond Eye through early clinical trials, iBIONICS is looking for US$1M to keep the pace of the program on track until the financing is finalized. Suzanne took the opportunity to pitch the Minister and will be following up.


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The association with Invictus Games was especially meaningful to Suzanne. She is a 13-year veteran of the Canadian forces. She has also supported World War II veterans in their lifelong journey to deal with the aftermath of hard missions and battlefields.


CTV was live on Facebook interviewing iBIONICS at the Invictus Games:




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Winner of the 2016 national awards, Startup Canada Innovation Award and the Creative Business Cup, iBIONICS is a bold life sciences startup specializing in nano-implants. iBIONICS designs, manufactures and commercializes smart implantable bionic solutions that treat debilitating diseases.


iBIONICS' flagship solution, The Diamond Eye, aims to replace blindness with artificial sight. By 2020, 200 million people worldwide will be living with degenerative retinal diseases, such as age-related macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa. The cost of AMD in Europe and North America alone is $56 billion per annum.


The Diamond Eye core technology was inspired by Cochlear, the $US8B global company that has helped over 450,000 deaf people to hear. Professor Steven Prawer, world-renowned materials scientist and Cofounder of iBIONICS, invented a new innovative way of approaching implants. His nanotechnology is packaged in diamond electrodes that stimulate neural tissue.


Neural technology and electric medicine are fast becoming favoured investment spaces for Silicon Valley super entrepreneurs, such as Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. Retinal implants are the fastest growing vertical in electric medicine.


This born-global startup is headquartered in Ottawa-Gatineau with medical operations in Montreal and an R&D subsidiary in Melbourne, Australia.


For further information: suzanne@ibionics.ca, 613-697-8818.



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