iBIONICS Wins Top Startup Canada National Innovation Award

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The Diamond Eye Gets Prestigious National Award


Ottawa, Canada, November 29, 2016 - After being given top provincial honours, iBIONICS has now won Startup Canada’s National Innovation Award for their work in developing a solution for blindness. Startup Canada Innovation Award is awarded to a Canadian company exhibiting excellence in innovation through leveraging new knowledge or technology in solving real world problems. The annual Startup Canada Awards are the hallmark event that celebrate and recognize those driving impact and demonstrating excellence in Canada’s entrepreneurship and innovation community.


“We are very impressed with the work being done by the iBIONICS team. The level of innovation demonstrated by iBIONICS has positioned them as a leader in the startup community,” says Victoria Lennox, CEO and Co-Founder of Startup Canada. “We believe that iBIONICS presents some of the most cutting-edge innovation in Canada. Their solution will provide the potential for hundreds of thousands of blind people to see.”


The iBIONICS blindness solution platform is based on the integration of five independent pillars: diamond, microelectronics, photonics, software, and surgery. These different aspects are being integrated via a global team of collaborators. Beyond the core technology, iBIONICS will be using converging technologies to optimize and innovate how we commercialize and bring the Diamond Eye to the world.


“As we’ve said before, each of the five iBIONICS pillars is worthy of an innovation award, but it is the integration of these pillars that makes iBIONICS the best in the world,” says Suzanne Grant, iBIONICS Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer. “The iBIONICS solution includes an innovative new surgical technique, wirelessly powering an implantable device within a diamond encapsulation. iBIONICS is solving a real world problem. We are very proud to be recognized by Startup Canada and are thrilled and gratified to win the national innovation award. We are very grateful for their support.”


iBIONICS has collaborated with major Canadian and Australian partners in the realization of their vision. The Canadian partners include: Université de Montreal Department of Opthalmology, University of Ottawa Centre for Research in Photonics and Sunlab, AccelLab, Université de Sherbrooke, and C2MI.


Major partners in Australia include: University of Melbourne, National Vision Research Institute, Melbourne Center for Nanofabrication.


The objectives of the Startup Canada Awards include celebrating those working to advance entrepreneurship in Canada, increasing awareness of Canada’s entrepreneurship culture and, incentivizing the efforts and ambitions of the Canadian entrepreneurial and innovation community.





iBIONICS is a born global health innovation startup with headquarters in Ottawa-Gatineau, and operations in Montreal, Canada and Melbourne, Australia. iBIONICS delivers health solutions by designing, manufacturing and commercializing implantable bionic solutions that treat debilitating diseases. The iBIONICS Diamond Eye solution aims to restore vision enabling the blind to regain autonomy, recognize faces and read large print. The iBIONICS Diamond Eye uses diamond electrodes to stimulate the retina, sending messages to the brain that are perceived as light. This leading technology designed to return autonomy and partial vision to the blind is supported by a state-of-the-art wireless solution for implantable bionic devices developed in Canada.


To learn more about the Startup Canada National Innovation Award or iBIONICS, please contact suzanne@ibionics.ca, 613-697-8818


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